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對於海外地區的配送是使用香港郵政提供的特快專遞服務。運費一律由買方支付,我們會於顧客購買的商品到達香港後,計算重量,並通知顧客所需要支付的運費,支付運費後我們便會第一時間寄出貨物。 會員也可以選擇預存金額在會員帳號內,以提供運費扣減。



For overseas distribution using the the Speedpost service provided by Hong Kong Post. The shipping cost will be paid by the buyer, to calculate the weight and notify the customer need to pay for return shipping when the products arrived in Hong Kong. After pay the shipping fee, we will send the goods as soon as possible. Members can also choose the amount of stored Member Account to provide shipping deductible.  International shipping time varies depending on different countries vary in detail can be found in the official website of Hong Kong Post.
If you want to query the shipping of the countries, you can also check shipping calculation functions provided by Hong Kong Post [Click].